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Located in the Southern Alps, Alpes de Haute Provence (04), you have an appointment with Val d'Allos-La Foux, Val d'Allos-le Seignus and Val d'Allos-Village.

An alpine resort with three parts  ... two stations and a village! This is what makes the originality of the Val d'Allos.
The first two are two complementary resorts while the third is a traditional mountain village.
 - Val d'Allos, La Foux, including the ski resort is common with Praloup
-  Val d'Allos-Seignus, family village resort
Both benefit from label "Famille Plus Montagne".

Disscover ski and sunshine at the same time in our ski resort in France !

Val d'Allos is the most important ski resort in the southern French alps : space and slopes at the same place !

With 230 kilometers of runs Val d'Allos is both a family ski resort and a large ski area.

For everybody, beginners or good skiers you will ski in the woods, unspoiled nature with a large range of differents landscapes.

Welcome in the ESPACE LUMIERE...


Open every days from december 13th to april 6th
Open on  december 6th and 7th, according to snow forecast 
Opening ski area is according to snow falls.